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Breaking The Girl

"I am a man
Cut from the know,
Rarely do friends
Come and then go.
She was a girl
Soft but estranged.
We were the two
Our lives rearranged
Feeling so good that day
A feeling of love that day . . ." -- RHCP"

Thank you to all of you who have reached out to me in this uncertain time of my life. My brother's health changes from moment to moment and my family waits through this holding pattern. He has generally improved over the last two weeks, but there are still many hurdles to cross as we all face the reality of the situation--that he will probably need to receive a heart transplant. I appreciate any good thoughts you can send this way as we can use all the positive energy you can spare.


In my late tween years, I met this amazing girl who told me that she liked my handwriting. She didn't know it at the time, but this admiration was the highest of compliments to me. I used to spend hours squirreled away in my bedroom, practicing different types of penmanship. Trying out different capital "E's" and lower case "J's" in cursive and print. This was on the cusp of the personal computer age and my obsession would eventually evolve into a love of fonts.

When we reached driving age, she and I spent a lot of time tooling around in her cream colored Saab listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, They Might Be Giants and the Beastie Boys. Fueling ourselves with Mountain Dew and Oreo cookies, we drove aimlessly along the back roads of Maine. Going nowhere. They are some of the best memories of my early life.

Well, this amazing girl is now an amazing woman and she has a newfangled blog designed by the beautiful Miss Maddie from Girlie Bits. I cannot promise that I will be involved in blogland so much over the next while. However, I can vouche for LL Coolbeans and I highly recommend you check her out here.

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