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I have one of those creative writing prompt books to get me motivated when I don't know what to write. Today's exercise: write a daydream.

Today, I walked around the city running errands and thinking thoughts. My daydream as I roamed the streets of Midtown Manhattan involved having the perfect body. I pretend my arms are muscular and taut; my legs are long and lean. My hair is shiny and reflects the late July sun. There is a message on my cell phone that a hot director is interested in optioning my brilliantly clever screenplay (his words). It is early afternoon and I am going to meet my friends for cocktails after picking up my size 2 pants from the tailor.

Occasionally, my real self would catch my reflection in store windows or mirrors for sale outside of picture frame stores. Reality reveals to me that my thighs are stout and thick and my arms are soft. My hair is unbrushed and wrapped into a hair band. Tonight, I will go to my job waiting tables and no one is interested in what I am writing yet. I have no options.

In my daydream, however, I envision myself in a cobalt blue, sleeveless dress as I maneuver traffic and dodge pedestrians. It hangs smoothly over my skin; I have no flaws to hide. In the real world, I know that my walk draws looks from men. I have been told of my “switch." However, it is not the perfect version of me that draws this unwanted attention. It is simply a woman walking alone, in an imaginary blue dress.
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