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Homo du Mois

I would not be the woman I am today if it were not for all the wonderful gay men in my life. They have made me into a stronger, more confident woman with a much higher tolerance for alcohol. Stereotypes aside, I am grateful to have so much unfettered love in my life.

To that end, I have decided I will share my lovers with you all, so we can all be one big queer family. (And by "queer," I mean strange and/or gay.)

Every month, here at Miss Hag., we will be featuring one of my favorite friends of the gay persuasion. This person will be . . .dum-duh-duh-dummmm . . .

Miss Hag.'s Homo du Mois!

Those featured will be asked the same five questions every month and get their gorgeous mug splayed all over this fine site.

One little caveat . . . Miss Hag. is NOT a dating service or a Madame for The Gays. I'm not pimping out my homo-homies. If that's what you are looking for, try Manfinder or Manhunt.

Miss Hag.'s readers will already be familiar with g8s, Patrick and Dennis. They will certainly get their respective months, do not fret . . .Today's featured fun fag is someone you haven't heard about yet. But, he personally requested I mention him here, so he gets the honor of being the very first . . .

Miss Hag.'s Homo du Mois!


I met Shawn fairly recently -- Patrick shot a screenplay that Shawn wrote and they are currently working on another project. Before I met Shawn, I heard so many wonderful things about him. Betsey even said she planned to have his babies. Surely, this must be some remarkable individual, I thought.

All the stories were true. Shawn is incredibly charming and self-assured and dirty in all the right ways. On July 4th, he hosted a barbecue in his backyard. There, we hatched the idea for the very first porno involving Jesus and the disciples at the Last Supper. Yes, we're all going to hell. But at least we'll have good company.

Miss Hag.'s Five Questions for The Homo du Mois:

1.) Who would you cast to play you and the people
most important to you in a movie about your life?

"It would depend on what time in my life the movie was set. Since I've had a pretty boring upbringing I would start around 17 to 18. So, for that age I would pick an unknown actor that resembled Patrick Dempsey. But, when it came to the present I would have to choose myself... I think I could do the challenge."

2.) Name one thing that you believed as a child.
"I believed I couldn't live up to my parent's expectations. Different now."

3.) If we were to look inside your refrigerator
right now, what would we see?

"Nothing, really. Vodka. Patrick's cheese he left me. Shanon's extra pizza box with nothing in it. A few condiments. I think that's about it."

4.) How do you think people from high school would
describe you?

"As a sarcastic asshole who had nice rides throughout high school. I ruled by fear."

How do you think people who know you now would describe you?
"Oh God, I'm not sure. Possibly generous doormat with cynical undertones."

How would you describe yourself?
"A good natured insecure dandy with an overwrought sense of sex."

5.) What do you think about the word "love"?
"I think at this moment I'm actually in it. It's beautiful."

Raise a toast to this wonderful man, y'all. And if you see him at a bar, buy him a drink . . .

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