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Sarcasm for the Weary

On the day of the bombings in London, I was visiting at my sister's house in New Jersey. My parents had come down from Maine for a few days. My brothers had also come to visit, so we were all together for a night. We are not all under one roof very often and it was nice to spend some time together.

NOTE: This is not to downplay the severity of the tragedy in London, this is more of a funny characterization of my mother. I just thought you might enjoy a little light humor on this dreary day . . .

We all sat around the living room television watching the unfolding of events. I had to ride the train back to my home in Manhattan that day and I knew my mother would be worried.

"Oh, you better be careful when you are riding back to the city."

"What do you mean, mother?"

"You know, you better be...vigilant...if you see someone suspicious. Maybe, you should, you know, take another train or something."

"What does a suspicious person look like, Mother?"

She sighed dramatically, "Oh, you know what I mean. Just...be careful, all right?"

In the meantime, at that exact moment, Bush's mug appeared on the television speaking from the G8 conference. He said, "...all Americans should be vigilant in the coming days..."

My mother, a dyed in the wool Democrat who let us stay home from school thinking we would be too upset the day after Reagan was reelected, reacted violently to Bush's advice.

"See? Even the Idiot says to be vigilant. Not that, you know, you should ever do what HE tells you to do."

"So, wait, I shouldn't be vigilant?"

"You're so difficult."

Please be well, my friends.

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"In the shadows of tall buildings
Of fallen angels on the ceilings
Oily feathers in bronze and concrete
Faded colors, pieces left incomplete
The line moves slowly past the electric fence
Across the borders between continents
In the cathedrals of New York and Rome
There is a feeling that you should just go home
And spend a lifetime finding out just where that is. . ."
-- "Cathedrals," Jump, Little Children

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