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Welcome Back, Mr. g8s. Get proud!

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My blogging partner is back home in NYC, Mister g8s.

Just in time for . . .


Or, as Patrick describes it; "A bunch of screaming fags standing around applauding a bunch of screaming fags walking by. It's redundant."
Perhaps. But, it certainly is colorful. Plus, it wasn't so long ago that Patrick donned one of my lavender mini-dresses and a purple wig and was one of those screaming fags walking by.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Betsey, Patrick and I. Chicago Gay Pride Parade - 1998

Most of my boys have passed on from their halcyon days of donning multi-colored robes and proclaiming their self-glorification. They host the alternate "Gay Remorse" parade, which usually takes place in a dark bar not near Christopher Street. It involves far less spiked leather collar wearing and condom throwing. But, it is still quite glorious to behold.

I will be absent for a few days, as the straight boyfriend and I are driving upstate to the Finger Lakes to explore New York's fine vineyards. Expect photos and wine-inspired diatribes soon.

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