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Annoying Questions That Run Through My Mind

Calgon shot
Originally uploaded by Miss Hag.

Why is it, that no matter how much you claim to love a guy, it's so much easier to see his faults than his virtues?

Do you ever stop wishing that the person you are with will say exactly the right words that you want to hear? Furthermore, is it horrible to know exactly what you want said to you when situations arise that involve appropriate responses?

Should you just accept things about your partner that are fundamentally annoying to you, but really pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things because it means you are loving them unconditionally?

What's worse -- giving up and leaving a person because there are too many little things that annoy you about them or pointing out all of the annoying things and simple solutions you think will fix the annoying things?

If you harp on things that frustrate you about your relationship, are you slowly becoming that horrible, nasty, awful person you swore you would never become?

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