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too intimate.

The Ex recently experienced his first little break-up after our momentous break-up. In my very mature way, I let him vent his frustrations to me about her. It felt good to be a friend to a man I have loved for over half of my life. It didn't even hurt as I thought it might. I was pleasantly surprised at how unpainful it was for me to advise The Ex to learn how to keep things casual with girls. I told him to just have fun and get laid and enjoy being a young, single man.

However, I feel perhaps we might have reached a new level of intimacy that may or may not be a good thing. As we sat and had an early afternoon cocktail, The Ex turns to me and says, "It's a sad thing it's over with her, though. It's hard to find a girl who doesn't have a gag reflex."

To which, I could do nothing more than roll my eyes and sigh.

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