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good to know.

I've been learning so much at this conference, I will not be able to process all of it until I come back to the real world. I mean "real world" so unironically.

Anyway, to my emigos y emigas, new and important information was brought to my attention by a wonderful woman I met here. She is a fantastic poet and literary consultant, and perhaps some/all/a few/most/none of you know what I am about to share. I did not know and it will certainly be informing a planned format change to this site.

Anything you publish on your blog, unless sufficiently revised to be an obviously original and new piece, will not be published in print because it is already accessible to the public online. Even if you remove it now, it has been out there and will not be something that a print establishment will want to use since it is not new to the public. Why would they pay for something that you are giving for free?

To that end, you will be seeing this phrase at the end of all my posts. "Interested in learning more? Look out for more in the ____ issue of ______ magazine/literary journal/newspaper."

That last line mostly untrue.

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