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Delayed Bacon Delivery

I know, I know. I'm supposed to announce the winner of this, today at a minute before midnight.

Regretfully, I won't be posting said announcement until, um, maybe. . .tomorrow. For reasons so unoriginal they are hardly worth writing about yet so pressing I hardly have time to describe, I must apologize for my tardiness in even perusing the entries. I don't even know if I can pluralize that subject, actually.

Though, I would like to initially thank the gentleman in California who offered to fly me out to that other coast since he cannot make it to New York for this Wednesday. If you are not an ax murder, I appreciate the offer. If you are an ax muderer, I am actually an obese 83-year-old Klan member with herpes.

I would also like to thank the darling man who, instead of answering question number two, made me a wonderful mix CD. The aptly titled, "Bacon Bits."

Also, to all the men who told me, "I don't want to fill out an entry, I just want to take you out," I thank you for your honest sweetness and lack of initiative.

Finally, a huge apology to all the people within earshot of me during the last two hours of my 16 hour shift at Florent on Friday night. Too many hours in four inch heels + unlimited access to magnums of Veuve Clicquot = One Loud and Obnoxious Miss Hag.

Sorry. Free bacon for you, too.

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