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Side Of Bacon Contest

An issue that causes me mild anxiety -- one of us will have to be first.

During our breakup, my ex and I had a very candid discussion about our fears. Most of my concerns had to do with scenarios that involve my running into him on the street canoodling with some bimbo. I realized recently that one of us would have to be the first to go on a date with someone else. To take that first step towards moving on.

To that end, I broached the idea with my ex that perhaps we should both try to go out on a date on the same day. That way, we could both get it out of the way at the same time. Theoretically, this seemed like a good idea. Logistically, I realized, this plan would require a skill I have not practiced in seven years -- asking someone on a date.

Just writing the phrase makes me break out in hives.

So, for my part, I have decided to run a contest, heretofore referred to as:


Please encourage your friends to enter. I'll feel like such a loser otherwise.

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