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Rock My World, e*migos


Yes, I am all Pandora'd out. No, I don't feel like checking out those newfangled sites that apparently analyze your music libraries and make you playlists that you will love.

Remember the good old days? Someone really liked you and put together a mixtape of carefully selected songs and hoped that you might glean some pertinent information about how they felt about you from the lyrics. And if they like liked you, they would make a collage for the cover of the tape. I miss that shit. I'd be lucky to get an emailed iMix from someone now.

So, dear Hagees, tell me a lovely tune to change my life. I need some aural lovin'.

Here's what I have been listening to most lately, according to my data gathering boyfriend, Mr. iPod:

1.) I Just Want It To Be Over - Keyshia Cole
2.) Weary - Amel Larrieux
3.) Better Half - The Get Up Kids
4.) Ex Factor (A Simple Breakdown) - Lauryn Hill
5.) The District Sleeps Alone - The Postal Service
6.) Waiting - Green Day
7.) Wave of Mutilation -Pixies
8.) Goodbye - Alicia Keys
9.) Glamorous Life (Club Edit) - Sheila E.
10.) Drinking Again - Aretha Franklin
11.) How She Lied By Living - Posies
12.) Loveless - Uncut
13.) The Morning After - Deborah Cox
14.) Gone - Esthero
15.) Everybody Knows - Concrete Blonde
16.) Oh. And this. (Click on Anneliese. Rock out.)

Be my Pandora, y'all.

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