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We Interrupt This Silence To Bring You Random Nonsense.

I had a dream last night that my head had swollen to ginormous proportions. It was so large that I could barely balance it atop my neck. So, me and my exceedingly large head were at a party with lots of beautiful people and we were all sitting around a big pile of cocaine. But, the cocaine was not white. It was rusty brown. My friend, Anne, and I were the only ones with razor blades, so we furtively pounded the little blocks of coke into snortable piles.

The whole time we reveled at this party, I wasn't particularly worried that I could be dying because my head had swollen to a dangerous size; I was worried about trying to appear attractive to the others at the party.

I kept trying to pose so my big head wouldn't seem so big. And smoothing down the skin on my big head so it wouldn't look stretchy and shiny.


It occurred to me the other day when I was watching "Just Like Heaven," (shut up, I happen to really like Mark Ruffalo) that whenever a film has a tough/unconventional female lead who has to "learn a lesson about life," you can always tell when she has "softened" because her hair suddenly has these wispy natural looking curls.


Two things I never want to do again:

-- Buy and wear black nylons because I have to be tasteful at a funeral.
-- Make a playlist for a loved one's viewing because the funeral home only has weird traditional Indian music to play. I let them keep my CD mix of John Mayer/Jimi Hendrix and Bright Eyes.


This snowman has a snow penis. (Insert obvious blowjob joke.)


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