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49% of my heart is broken

Conversations With The Ex:
In Which We Discuss Each Other's Respective Sex Lives With New Partners

Polemic --
Ex to Miss Hag: "I know you are having sex because you can't be near someone you are attracted to without trying to have sex with them."
(Note: The machine picked "Sexy," as in what I am bringing back.)

I've returned from the Loaf, drunk on Inspiration's orgiastic intoxication. Only to learn that The Ex now has a sex life that includes other people. As do I. We are making ballsy attempts to keep open lines of conversation throughout this new phase of our relationship. Talk about verbal landmines.

Polemic #2 (A Metaphor) --
Ex to Miss Hag:"Don't be afraid, baby. Relationships are like cable connections, transference of information between two people separated by distance. What we have with other people? Dial-up. What you and I have? Broadband."

Denouement --
Those of us familiar with self-destructive behavior will note that the problem is not just wanting what feels good and also what feels bad. The problem is also not discerning the difference.

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