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Congratulations Amanda B.!

Congratulations Amanda B.!
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xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to you, Miss Amanda!

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Princess without a kingdom. . .

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There is nothing sadder than a princess without a kingdom. Most people think you need to have the latter before you can be considered the former. But, I politely disagree.

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This city is my body.

Day 36.365
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I found an empty bottle of Laphroig Scotch outside the door to my building. Later that day, I read this ad on a subway platform -- "This city is my body. This body is the city."

What more can I say?

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My BFF is deft at playing cheesy, Diane Warrenesque R&B songs that perfectly fit whatever emotional dramas are encompassing my world at the time. Currently, his contribution to my aural reality is Tamia's "Almost."

Click on the above photo for a more detailed account of said melancholia.

I don't miss you at all. Posted by Picasa

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