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Say Again?

If you visit Overheard in New York, you will find blurbs of conversations that people submit which they hear in passing. The site has postings that go back almost two years, and the sheer volume of such sayings may lead you to believe that people are just generally so damn witty.

My work puts me in contact with hundreds of people a week and I'm willing to take the opposing viewpoint on that stance.

That being said, I would also venture to say that if you can capture the exact words that come from people's mouths, at times you could encounter sheer brilliance. My friendly fag, Rob, stopped by for a stimulant klatsch (coffee...why?) yesterday afternoon. If someone followed him around with a taperecorder for a day, they might learn the key to divine enlightenment. And, they might learn that god can be a scary bitch.

Por ejemplo:


"Listen, honey. Judge Judy once said, 'If it doesn't make sense, it's probably not true. The truth makes sense.' I was trying to tell this new boy that! I told him, "Look, I was dating a hustler before you. A prostitute, I can take. A liar?! No."

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