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Come Into My Parlour

Recently, I revamped my links section. I love to organize, so it was fun. In keeping with the theme of hagginess and fagginess, I made titles that fit this idea.

I felt the need to create a whole separate category for my dearest friend, g8s, because we have sort of entered this blogging life together. We have been friends for about 12 years and have a shared history, so a lot of my stories are his and vice versa.

Today's post from g8s is The Story of Coney Island. He and I lived there together when I first moved to the city so it will always be special to me. It is the beginning of my history as a New Yorker.
It is a beautifully written and photographed story and, I urge you to see for yourself.

Wherever you are, if you are feeling the need to escape to a sunny isle somewhere, ot if you love a good New York story click here -- you won't regret it.

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