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Homo du Mois Deux

It's that time.

Time for a new Homo du Mois. Time to honor yet another of Miss Hag.'s fabulous friends.

This month, I have chosen a man I met when I first moved to New York. Then, he was a waiter at one of my favorite old haunts, a restaurant that turned into Amsterdam late at night. That's right, back when you could smoke in NYC restaurants, this progressive spot also allowed patrons to discreetly smoke the wacky tobacky. You could sit at a table munching on foods from a hemp-based menu, sipping a cocktail and passing a joint to the table next to you. But, those were the 90's. Simpler times.

September's Homo du Mois was easy to notice. Tall with chiseled cheekbones and flawless skin. The first day I met him I told him, "You are bee-yoo-tiful!" He didn't blink an eye when Dennis and I would meet at his restaurant for cocktail and cocaine lunch hours. It was love at first sight.

Now, he is the man who prefers to remain nameless at Mister g8s' blog. The man responsible for this.


(Photo by g8s.)

Recently, I asked George the same questions I ask all my Homo du Mois. Here are his responses . . .

1.) Who would you cast to play you in a movie of your life?

"Who would I cast to play me? Brazilian superstar, Rodrigo Santoro, of course! Most Americans don't know him but he was the sexy man in the Chanel ads with Nicole Kidman. He was also the badboy surfer in Charlies Angels 2."

2.) What is one thing you believed as a child?

"The one thing I believed as a child was that I would be famous by now and that everything would be better as soon as I left home."

3.) What would we find if we looked in your refrigerator right now?

"I don't like the refrigerator question. How about 3 favorite likes and dislikes?"

3.a) All right, Miss Hag. certainly encourages her Homos to be themselves. So, then. Tell me three of your likes and dislikes . . .

"My three likes are:
** Metallic colored shoes.
** Tanning. Have you heard that tanning is addictive in some people?
** The taste of cilantro!

My three dislikes are:
** People who spit in the street
** The smell of rain
** The fact that Helmut Lang is no longer designing his own clothes!"

4.) How would people who knew you in high school describe you? How would people describe you who know you now? How would you describe yourself?

"I don't care what people thought of me in high school. Elementary school was a nightmare. Though the kids didn't have a name for it, they could all sense that I was 'different/special.' That would be a cool logo. I was tormented by them. People I meet now probably take my shyness for snobbiness."

5.)What do you think about the word "love"?
"I think love is hard to define. The feelings you have when you start seeing someone are so GREAT that it's almost worth getting your heart broken just to experience that "high." I wish that feeling would last longer but, there's a definite comfort in being in a long-term relationship only after your both willing to work hard at it. My opinion is that there are a lot of people who have never really truly been in love because they don't know how to be in a relationship. It's really hard work and you're never taught in school or on the job training how to love.

I'm a Scorpio and I say I love intensely but g8s probably thinks I love too rough!"

Yikes! Bonus question for George: Brad or Angelina?

"I would choose Angelina! She would be up for keeping Brad around to satisfy us sexually! Seriously, I think Angelina is an amazing person. Oh, and she has better lips than me!"

Thanks, George. I love any reason to post a picture of Miss Jolie.

So, there you have it. September's Homo du Mois. If you see George out on the town (probably with Mister g8s), buy him/them a drink and tell 'em the Hag. sent you.

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