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A Reason to Feel Good

There ain't much in the headlines inspiring me to feel good. It's a beautiful day and I am downtrodden about the myriad bullshit spewed out of the news wires.

So, I decided to shut off Air America and turn on some music. I opened my legal mp3 downloading site, Real Rhapsody. On the home page, they always feature new releases to mp3 land. Today, I learned that Stevie Wonder is putting out his first studio album in a decade. The lead single is called, "So What The Fuss".

Guess what folks? It's good.

Prince guest stars on guitar. Stevie sounds as golden as the first 45 seconds of Innervisions. The driving force of this track is the bass. It's like that first thumping twang that started playing in 1973 and never stopped delivering the funk. Add a chewy sweet singable chorus, Prince's teasingly brief guitar break and a whole truckload of Hoooooo Haaaaa, Child! Then, get up off your seat and thank the gods of all that is funky.

The best part? It's 6 minutes and 8 seconds long...unheard of in modern radio. Most music is 3 minutes and 40 seconds long in time and negative twenty years in inspiration. Don't worry, my friends, Mr. Wonder will tell it on the mountain. You, fall back in love with music.

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