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Like Vodka for Olives

Relationships are difficult. Sometimes you realize that, although you may love someone deeply, you do not necessarily enjoy them all the time. It is inevitable. However, every once in a while you are reminded of why you chose each other and it makes it easier to continue to make that choice.

Jason and I had a nice evening last night. We made food together which always seems to make the world nicer. People who know that Jason is a chef always say how great it must be to have someone to cook meals. Anyone who knows a chef knows, they do not cook at home so much. But when they do...it's incredible.

Last night's meal --
Coconut Shrimp with Jasmine Rice
Sauteed Fiddleheads with Roasted Poblano and
Papaya, Yellow Pepper, Cilantro Salsa

Ooh, and Fresh Coconut Pina Coladas!!!

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