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MJ Part 1.

Posted by Hello

I am going to get a pedicure, but I want to start this dialogue first before I go.

Here's my take in the Michael Jackson case.

Whatever Michael is, whatever he has become, whatever he has done or did not do -- It is because of us. We are all guilty of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was not meant for this earth. If you ever listen to old Jackson 5 recordings, you'll hear it in his voice. There is something transcendent and pure about MJ's voice. Something irreplicable and perfect.

From five years old, he has been the world's performing monkey. Get up and dance, Michael. Sing us a song, Michael. Entertain us. Be everything we want. Be what we need, what we want, what we desire.

He's never known reality as we do. He has never existed in the realm of "normalcy" that most of us purportedly know. If he has done anything inappropriate or illegal, it is because we have always put him above the laws of reality and society. And suddenly, we have all turned on him. He stopped producing hits years ago. We have found other monkeys that we love more than him. And now, we want him to suffer.

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