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Postcards from the Edge

Wish you were here. And could read French. Posted by Hello
Patrick sent us an update from Guadeloupe. The tomatoes and fish are fresh. The exchange rate sucks.
He is staying on La Desirade, which I learned used to be a leper colony for over 200 years (until the 1950's). Because of its remoteness from the main islands, La Desirade is the least developed and least visited parts of Guadeloupe. Patrick wrote that he hiked for three hours and never ran into a soul. He stumbled upon a pile of hermit crabs, the size of a balled up fist.
I picture him walking along an empty beach, hemmed in by warm water the color of glass, the ghosts of the shunned scuttling around the ankles of his shadow, chasing the ebbing sand towards the horizon.Strawberry Hermit Crab. Posted by Hello

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