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Betsey in Maldives

Maldives Island shallows. Posted by Hello

Betsey got sent to Maldives Islands by the U.N. to assess damages from the tsunami. She works for UNFPA who work primarily with reproductive health issues internationally.

Part of her work there is to insure that the women and girls (who are hardest hit in crises like this) are given proper health assistance, etc., especially pregnant women who need sterile birth environments. UNFPA is constantly attacked by pro-life groups as being abortionists and this horrible website called ProLifeAmerica.com (Miss Hag. refuses to link it to her blog) implied that that is what Betsey and UNFPA are doing in Maldives. Aborting fetuses and handing out flavored condoms as door prizes.


And shame on you, ProLifers, for taking a devastating human tragedy and turning it into a platform for your maniacally perverse indoctrination. How dare you sit on your shiny white pulpits all the way across the ocean from the people suffering this tragedy and point your bony fingers at the workers actually doing something to assist those in need. For shame.

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