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I Could Do This For Hours Posted by Hello

g8s took this photo when we lived in Coney Island. The Boys and I would "toilette" as we called it, for hours in front of a long line of different mirrors. Just a few blocks away, at the Coney Island Freak Show, you could walk through a maze of warped mirrors, but in #2R, the fun was had in front of mirrors reflecting a beautiful version of yourself.
I worked in the PR dept. of Lancome and pilfered thousands of dollars of make-up and skin product over a three month period. Most of the fun of going out dancing would be the preparation to leave. The Boys and I would change outfits and apply facial scrubs. We would take turns as dj and smoke cigarettes out the kitchen window.
g8r. Posted by Hello

Eventually, toilette involved munching on tablets of ecstasy and snorting lines of coke as well. But, with our without drugs, we had impossible amounts of fun. I miss those days.

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