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Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolves?

I cannot recall when and where I was when I first read Virginia Woolf's consummately wise words, "A woman must have money and a room of her own [if she is to write fiction]." But, the sentiment of this oft-quoted statement has informed my being ever since.

I know you know how it gets. Creative people need a space to get a little crazy. That's why you have a blog, right?

Last night, we had dinner with Patrick -- perhaps one of the most creative and craziest people in the world. People who are familiar with his art and get the privilege to visit his home quickly come to understand the truth of Ms. Woolf's statement.

Visiting Patrick's apartment is like inhabiting one of his paintings. It's colorful and a little scary, but it's like returning to the womb. Being there is like being in the act of creation. He is proof that a true artist lives in the Artist's Way. Lest we forget what it means to live the Writer's Life, I invite you to see for yourselves how one man has truly committed himself (without getting committed himself).

Click the picture for a sneak peek. . .

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