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End at the Beginning

Boy meets girl. Girl doesn't like Boy. Later, Girl decides she likes Boy. Girl seduces Boy. Boy and Girl discover sex. Boy and Girl discover love. Girl moves away. Boy desires freedom. Boy breaks Girl's heart. Girl and Boy separate for five years. Boy and Girl never speak. Girl denounces love, though succumbs to one Magician. Boy denounces relationships, but finds Another Love. Boy becomes engaged. Girl falls in love with Gay Male Best Friend. Girl realizes she may have some thinking to do. Girl gets cold. Girl becomes sad. Girl writes to Boy. Boy calls Girl. Boy leaves Fiancee. Boy and Girl move to an island. Boy and Girl become "Roommates." Boy and Girl fall in love again. Boy and Girl move around together for six years.

Boy and Girl try.

Boy and Girl try.

Boy and Girl try and try and try again.

Boy and Girl become sad. Together. Again.

Boy and Girl think of a new plan.

Plan W: (Yes, they've already exhausted Plans A through V)

For the next six to eight months, Boy and Girl will begin the process of separation. Separating finances. Separating living spaces. Separating lives. Because Boy and Girl know that the love will always be there, but the life will not.

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