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I Always Feel Like Somebody's Washing Me

Uh-oh it's Magic. Posted by Hello

If you know Miss Hag. at all (and if you read this, you probably do), then you know that one of her favorite things to do is clean.

An ideal afternoon? Dancing around to Stevie Wonder in my apartment naked in a pair of heels, drinking wine and cleaning. Today, I got my eyebrows waxed and had a pedicure. After, I went to Duane Reade and picked up some cleaning supplies for an afternoon of blissful scrubbing and sweeping. I grabbed some of my favorites: the Swiffer duster, Windex Multi-Surface Wipes with Vinegar and some drawstring trashbags. I paused for a moment while pondering tile scrubber and looked at the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.I've been skeptical of this product every time I see it. How can a white foam sponge thingy be so magical? It was only five dollars, so I decided to give a try. Live dangerously.

Well. Let me tell you, sisters and brothers. This freakin' thing is magical. You run in under some water and it cleans everything. I scrubbed my bathtub with it and the soap scum just fell off the tub like it was allergic. I swear. It was incredible! I cleaned things that weren't even dirty just to see them become sparkly and shiny. I can eat off of my toilet. I won't, but I could . . .

I know I sound like a scary Stepford wife or some hack on an infomercial, but if you want to see some domestic magic, go get one of these suckers. It will flip your pancakes, baby.

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