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Another product endorsement. Posted by Hello

Miss Hag. would like to take this time to thank the makers of Hearos. The soft foam noise reduction aids that have a rate of 33 decibels. Coupled with Miss Hag.'s other new addiction, Tylenol PM,

Ahhh. Drugs... Posted by Hello

Miss Hag. can sleep peacefully and restfully for 8 hours straight.

I guess I should also take this time to say a great big thank you to Sugar Free Red Bull.
. Posted by Hello

Not only does this magical drink mix well with vodka and get lots of Jersey folk wasted so they overtip without realizing it and pay Miss Hag.'s rent, but it also helps Miss Hag. awaken from the Tylenol PM slumber she has to induce in order to fall asleep by noon.

Sound vicious and complicated? You have no idea.

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